official song and dance

“Like a rainbow in the sky” is the title and chorus of the official World Gymnaestrada song.

The song, along with its own choreographed dance routine, were officially presented. Produced and composed by TingelTown (Teddy Maier and Bernhard Belej / TonZoo), the song is all about what binds together the gymnasts from all over the world – friendship, opportunity, and boundlessness. Emily and Flo lent their voices to the song.


“After just a few bars the song had already hooked me; it’s a real earworm and I could just imagine how thousands of people were going to be singing and dancing to it at the World Gymnaestrada,” said Maria, who had patiently awaited the release of the song. “The chorus especially, with the words ‘like a rainbow in the sky’, totally sums up what the World Gymaestrada is all about. It does so in a way that everyone can easily understand, no matter where they’re from in the world or what language they speak.”


The official World Gymnaestrada Song was produced as a collaboration between the WG organization team and the VTS. Whereas all those involved are based here in Vorarlberg - composers, singers, choreographers, and film-makers – the song itself is intended for a thoroughly international audience and all age groups, with the goal of getting all participants and spectators to join in the singing and dancing. “We’re bringing the world together in dance, here in Vorarlberg,” says Sandra Amort, who choreographed the dance and produced the promo video and instruction video with Christoph Skofic. The Vorarlberg Bewegt initiative will publicize the dance throughout the land and get the local population involved through a series of different workshops.


As such, the song invites literally everyone to get up and join in, and will become a familiar presence over the course of the event. There will be a short version as a jingle at the start of each performance, and even a ringtone version for fans to download!


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