National Performances



Location Trade Exhibition Centre with a total of 12 National Performances:
6 National Performances in Hall 6
6 National Performances in Hall 9
Date Monday 8., Tuesday 9. and Thursday, 11. July
Time 18.00h and 20.30h (hall 6)
18.30h and 21.00h (hall 9)
Duration 1,5 hours
Capacity Hall 6 seating for 4,000 persons
Hall 9 seating for 2,000 persons
Note spectators sitting on three sides of the arena, curtain on backside
Measure Hall 6: 40 x 20 m²
Hall 9: 25 x 20 m²

The National Evenings are one of the highlights of the World Gymnaestrada – they will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, in the halls 6 and 9 in the Trade Exhibition Centre.

During the 12 national evenings, the best performances of the different nations will be presented in 90-minute show programs. After a long preparation period, the individual nations will present their nation in various ways. The palette ranges from gymnastics and dance performances over acrobatics to theatrical performance!

Hall 6

Monday, 8th July 18.00 h Switzerland
  20.30 h Switzerland
Tuesday, 9th July 18.00 h Nordic Countries
  20.30 h Nordic Countries
Thursday, 11th July 18.00 h Portugal
  20.30 h Japan & Asian friends

Hall 9

Monday, 8th July 18.30 h Austria
  21.00 h Austria
Tuesday, 9th July 18.30 h Germany
  21.00 h Germany
Thursday, 11th July 18.30 h Italy
  21.00 h PAGU (Panamerica)


national perfomance of switzerland

Swiss Evening – a quality product

Around the world, Switzerland is sold as the country of watches, chocolate and cheese. In part, this might be accurate, but it is surely not only this – Switzerland is also a country with a great quality and long tradition in gymnastics, a country with around 400.000 gymnasts. 3000 of them will present themselves in July 2019 during the 16. World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn (AUT).

The Swiss Evening, since day one a highlight and quality product in the Gymnaestrada-week, will again enthral the audience of 2019 in Dornbirn.

Let’s follow the marvellous life of a gymnast! Discover emotions, adventures, dreams and the exceptional world of apparatus gymnastics!

500 Swiss gymnasts aged 4 to 88 years, will take the audience on a journey through the life of a Swiss gymnast: a fascinating and fast-paced show with light, sound and surprise effects will represent the life cycle of a Swiss gymnast from young to old in a visually attractive manner.

Top apparatus performances with the for Switzerland typical still rings, gymnastics and aerobics, as well as an exceptional dance and acrobatics spectacle in solo and group presentations. Everything in the best possible light will enthral the Gymnaestrada-audience and give them many emotional highlights. A very special element is the integration of a disabled sports group from PluSport.

ATTENTION: As there are only a few tickets left for both Swiss evenings, we also want to draw your attention to the pre-premiere of the National Performance of Switzerland, taking place on the 18th of May in Biel/Switzerland. More information on that event can be found via the link



„Let’s Colour the World“
Austrian Evening – the host country shows its colours

Already in 2007, this small country in the Alps could present its very best side during a National Performance and received a lot of praise for it. In 2019 the show will be just as good, and we even have the honour to present the Austrian Evening twice.

You will also find the motto “come together – show your colours” on Monday evening: the high-quality potpourri with native athletes on one hand shows how diverse and colourful Austrian gymnastics is. On the other hand, this abundance of colour should be carried from Dornbirn into the rest of the world. More than 600 participants between the age of 2 and 75 will perform and the variety of the themes during the evening will be just as broad. Supported by technical features, live music and gigantic pencils a small piece of the rainbow will remain with the spectators.

The audience awaits a rousing, diverse mix of representatives from the national gymnastics team, elegant TeamGym, enchanting from the disabled sport, acrobatics with spectacular lifts, gymnastics by our youngest as well as show- and breakdance. An additional highlight is the result of a project initiated by Erwin Reis, that enables African teams to participate in the World Gymnaestrada as well as in the Austrian Evening.


Nordic Countries


The theme of our show is BALANCE. A fundamental element in the world we live in, balance (or the absence of it!) is evident on a large scale in nature, in our society, and of course in our personal lives as gymnasts. Through this show, we will explore some of the interpretations of the word BALANCE. We will use sound, lights and animations (on a big screen in the back) to support the story and unite each of the performances. In the Nordic countries, we have four very distinctive seasons. The four seasons will be the frame of our show, which will present 14 high level gymnastics teams with a total of approximately 500 gymnasts.

The teams come from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

We wish you a warm welcome and we hope you will enjoy our show!



coming soon



Portugiese GYMMY

In a mysterious forest...

...lives a restless being (“ODUS”) totally ignorant of what exists beyond his world, but constantly in search of the secrets of his environment. Something suddenly happens and ODUS sees himself alone in the search of his people. Then begins a journey of discovery through different worlds and dimensions with different people. ODUS encounters different characters (“ARYA” and “GYMMY”), who join this walk that ends with the union of all. His name means “restlessness that generates inspiration” and in this story his personality is the centre of action. He will be responsible for new discoveries and the creation of a new reality, in which “TOGETHER WE ARE ONE”!

Information: GYMMY will travel with the Portuguese Federation and will be there before and after the National Performance. You can meet him and take a selfie with him!



national performance of Italy

Yesterday, today, tomorrow!

In 2019, the Italian Gymnastics Federation will celebrate its 150th birthday. With that proud age, it is the oldest one of all Italian Federations.

The show will be a trip through Italian gymnastics and takes you to visit its history, colours, happiness, folklore, music and emotions.

Through the performances of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, dance and acrobatic gymnastics, theatre and tradition, the show wants to highlight the rich variety of non-competitive activities, to accompany the views on a historical and reminiscent path by exhibiting several technical levels, different ages, capacities, purposes and innovative search.

Have a good trip!


Japan and Asian friends

Japan does not only bring world-class athletes in artistic gymnastics.

In general gymnastics Japan is also an absolute force and for years now Japan has provided the biggest Asian delegation in every World Gymnaestrada. Therefore, it is no surprise that the country of the rising sun, that registered with approximately 440 participants for the upcoming World Gymnaestrada, will present themselves in a National Performance. The evening consists of everything from traditional dances to floor gymnastics with world-class precision – and when all goes well, the typical Taiko-drums create an authentic and outlandish atmosphere. Additionally, there is the excitement to find out which further Asian countries will supplement this Japanese evening.



The American Continent greets you and invites you to celebrate!

We want to take a smile from you that we know you can give us.

Perhaps it is hidden in the hand of a friend, or maybe in a sunset; at a party, or in a flower; or perhaps it takes shelter in the hard hands of a worker.

Those of us born in the Americas are land and wind,
We are Nature without constraints and basic energy.
We are words and music ... verses that create poetry,
We are practices and traditions, and whispering lullabies into the sea.
We are voices that have been silenced for a long time, that now emerge claiming their land ...
In this Eden created by God, in this Continent called "America".