Again in Dornbirn

In 2007 there was already a World Gymnaestrada taking place in Dornbirn.
The World Gymnaestrada 2007 in Dornbirn was such an incredible success for participants, organisers and the province of Vorarlberg. This success was the reason to apply again to organise the World Gymnaestrada in 2019.  The decision from the World Gymnastics Federation FIG was unanimously in favour of Dornbirn as “the real spirit of the Gymnaestrada lies in Vorarlberg!”.

Happiness in Vorarlberg
As we heard during the 15th World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki that we had been successfully awarded the event, we were absolutely thrilled and delighted. There was a lot of cheering in Vorarlberg and the big news of the day was “Have you heard that in 2019 there is going to be another Gymnaestrada here!” What was so nice, we have experienced, was the volume of anticipation from so many people across the board. It is not just thrilling news for the Vorarl­berg Gymnastics associations and the organisation team, but also for the whole of the Vorarlberg population.

After the confirmation to hold the event again in Dornbirn, a lot of the locals were busy looking in their cupboards for photos that they took back in 2007. A lot of friendships were made and many are still intact and in contact today.

The consequences of the last World Gymnaestrada in Dornbirn are still clearly recognisable.
From the gymnastics side: more gymnastics clubs were founded and not only were there more gymnasts but the quality has really improved as well. Gymnastics has gained importance in Vorarlberg!

The most important facts of the World Gymnaestrada 2007

  • In 2007 over 22,000 gymnasts came from 53 nations to Vorarlberg.
  • The Opening- and Closing Ceremonies with a spectacular gymnastics display in the Birkenwiese Stadium had an audience of 30,000 each time.
  • There were daily non-stop group performances in the 8 Trade Exhibition halls from 9 – 18h, also 16 National evenings with extremely varied gymnastic shows and 3 FIG Galas with the selected top class groups as absolute highlight of event.
  • Also there were Large Group Performances in the Reichshof Stadium in Lustenau as well as show events on 8 outdoor stages in Höchst, Hard, Bregenz, Wolfurt, Dornbirn, Hohenems, Rankweil and Feldkirch.
  • The participants were accommodated in 25 National Villages and were looked after by 8,000 volunteers. 250,000 journeys by trains and buses were realised daily in the Rhine Valley instead of the usual 50,000!
  • A total of 175,000 overnight-stays by the Gymnaestrada participants: 25 percent in hotels, 75 percent in schools. 7,000 persons were taken to or collected from airports in Zürich, Friedrichshafen and Munich.
  •  Was a Green Event regional showcase project– to promote cooperative sustainable use of the region with conservation of the environment and natural world specially developed and implemented.
  • There were over 60 sponsors for the WG2007 and 6 of them were the official main sponsors.
  • 271 Media representatives reported about the WG 2007; Resulting in over 2,000 printed articles and 80 hours of TV programmes.