Closing Ceremony



Location Birkenwiese Stadium, Dornbirn
Date Saturday 13. July
Time  16.00h
Duration 1,5 hours
Capacity 25,000 persons
Note spectators standing on all sides of the arena
Measure 7000 m²

The big closing ceremony at the Birkenwiese will be an unforgettable finale to this great gymnastic sports week.

In a colourful show programme with participants from all five continents, a total of approximately 5,000 active gymnasts from 20 nations will take part. This is followed by the handing over the FIG flag to the next host of the World Gymnaestrada 2023.

After this all participants and the audience are invited to the closing party, which brings together all participants once again with the motto come together. show your colours!

The Closing Ceremony will be broadcast live on ORF.

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