How to get to Vorarlberg

The World Gymnaestrada 2019 will take place in the heart of Europe and is easily reached with different means of public transport. Our goal is to have a festival without private car traffic, making it possible to travel with public transport by plane, train or bus.



From central Europe by train ...

Zurich – Feldkirch – Dornbirn
Stuttgart – Ulm – Lindau – Dornbirn
Munich – Lindau – Dornbirn
Vienna – Innsbruck – Dornbirn


From all over the world by airplane ...

  • Zurich
  • Stuttgart
  • Munich
  • Innsbruck
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Memmingen
  • Altenrhein

Transfer rates

We are pleased to be at your service for the booking of your transfer from the airport to your accommodation (school or hotel) in your national village. The mentioned prices are per person and transfer (for a return trip you’ll have to take the double price):

Zürich airport € 30,–
München airport € 45,–
Memmingen airport € 30,–
Friedrichshafen airport € 26,–

These transfers can be booked at the definitive registration via our registration platform GYMNAPLANA.

In addition to such transfer offers we are also at your service regarding your travel arrangements. In this respect we are pleased to have Lufthansa City Center (LCC) as a valuable partner on board, ready to answer all your questions concerning your travel planning for the World Gymna­estrada 2019. Please feel free to get in touch with LCC via travel [at]


From central Europe by bus ...

Zurich – St. Margrethen – Lustenau – Dornbirn (N13)
Stuttgart – Ulm – Memmingen – Lindau – Dornbirn (A8, 7, 96, A14)
Munich – Memmingen – Lindau – Dornbirn (A96, A14)
Innsbruck – Dornbirn (A12, A14)

Public transport in Dornbirn and the Rhine Valley

A concept based on public transport was successful in 2007, and will ensure every participant can reach all destinations fast and reliable!