The Venues

The venue locations for the World Gymnaestrada 2019 are spread throughout the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley and are easily reached by public transport. Those of you who were here in 2007 know that the distances are well manageable. While the Large Group Performances were held in Lustenau in 2007, now for 2019 will be in Bregenz next to the Lake Constance. The Opening and the Closing events as well as the Dornbirn Special will be in the Dornbirn Birkenwiese Stadium and the Group Performances as well as almost all the evening events will be in the Dornbirn Trade Exhibition Centre. Also in different towns and villages open-air stages will be built.  

The Dornbirn Trade Exhibition centre is the heart of the Gymnaestrada, as here all Group Performances, the National Performances and the FIG Gala will take place. Catering, exchanges and entertainment are provided by the catering hall and the Gymnaestrada Mile. 


The whole site is managed by Messe Dornbirn GmbH and comprises of an exhibition and events area of 34,000 square meters in 15 halls, as well as an outdoor area of 18,000 square meters. Not just for specialist, general public and special interests trade exhibitions, but also for all types of external events and different all year sports clubs and a Sports Grammar School. Every year it is the meeting point for more than 200,000 visitors and 1,600 national and international exhibitors.  

The Trade Exhibition site has a number of exceptional architectural highlights.
These include the Trade Exhibition Stadium from Leopold, Oskar Leo and Johannes Kaufmann, the Trade Exhibition Hall for Ball Sports from Cukrowicz-Nachbauer or the House of Trade Exhibitions from the Rainer + Amann atelier.

New multi-functional event halls
By the beginning of 2017 on the site of the old Trade Exhibition halls 9 to 12, there will be new multi-functional event halls, which have been completed by the well-known architects Marte.Marte. The new Hall11 will be the biggest events hall in Vorarlberg with its 4,800 square meter area and ceiling height of 11 meters. Hall 9 will have an area of 3,000 square meters and between the existing House of Trade Exhibitions and the new Hall 11 will be an additional area with a total of 1,200 square meters. Large parts of the new halls will be erected in wood. Apart from the interior panelling there is a statically determined ambitious framework constructed from that renewable raw material. This unique ceiling construction is composed of 65 timber frames in each case with a total length of 65 meters and together traverse both new halls without additional support.       


Stadion Birkenwiese Dornbirn

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will take place at the Birkenwiese Stadium in Dornbirn as well as the Dornbirn Special of the World Gymnaestrada 2019. With ideal transport connections to the whole of the Rhine Valley, it has standing tribunes for 25,000 spectators, with the nearby recreational area of the river Dornbirner Ache,it’s an ideal location for the happy starting, finishing and the Dornbirn Special of this world gymnastics festival.

The Casino Stadium in Bregenz has a 6,800 sqm playing area, with seating for 2,600 (1,000 seats are roofed) and terraces for 7,600. It is located near the railway station, the lake and the city centre and so fulfils many requirements of the Large Group Performances taking place there.