Public Transport

In the region where the World Gymnaestrada 2019 takes place, there is an excellent public transport system with buses and trains running regularly every 15 minutes. During the World Gymnaestrada this system will be extended to every 10 minutes and as a result this will increase passenger capacity by 50%!

More modern new trains will be coming into service and also the region’s fleet of buses have been in the last few years continuously converted to articulated buses which allows a large number of passengers to be transported on a regular basis. The World Gymnaestrada 2007 which took place in the same region brought in a great deal of new impulses for public transport. So meanwhile for instance more modern efficient railway stations have been built or are being built.

The very successful traffic concept of 2007 will be mostly taken over.
The region will be divided into four colour zones, which will allow the participants to travel easily and without language barriers. Every participant will receive his/her personal travel plan, which shows the best and easiest way from his/her accommodation to the venues. In addition with the use of an “intelligent infrastructure“, the flow of the  participants can be followed and additional  buses can be efficiently deployed when needed.