Motto – come together. show your colours!

Come together. Show your colours!

The motto for the World Gymnaestrada 2019 is our guideline on the way to the biggest gymnastics event in July 2019! With an enthusiastic team, combined with the experience gained from the World Gymnaestrada 2007 with new ideas as well as over a thousand keen helpers and an enthusiastic public as a basis the world Gymnaestrada 2019 should be remembered as the most colourful, friendliest and best organised World Gymnaestrada of all time. Not just by the participants, but also by all the visitors from Vorarlberg, the Lake Constance region and from all countries throughout the world. Our motto for 2019 mirrors this guideline again …

The first part ...

come together
... is a reminder of the motto used for the World Gymnaestrada 2007 (come one) and reminds us of the very positive acceptance of this event. It is also an invitation to come together for all nations, groups and spectators to a great festival of gymnastics.

The second – and new – part ...

show your colours
as the new aspect indicates the variety and wide colour range of the world wide gymnastics community.
By word, »Show your colour« means to show ones’ true nature. In the plural form »Show your colours« this can be interpreted more loosely as an invitation to all participants to perform at their best, to present colourful shows. And it is an invitation to the whole World Gymnaestrada family to show their variety, to make this festival the most colourful in the history of the World Gymnaestrada. Even for the organisation team, all volunteers and the local people this is an invitation to “show the world their hospitability and delight to all the visitors from all over the world to this festival of happiness”.