World Team

The World-Team was invented by the finnish LOC for the World Gymnaestrada 2015 in Helsinki and was a huge success!

It's a possibility for gymnasts from all over the world and of all age groups to be part of the Gymnaestrada World Team, to participate in an international Large Group Programme. Participation is open to all World Gymnaestrada 2019 participants from all FIG Member Federations. It is possible for a person to participate in only this programme.

The programme will be taught during the years before the World Gymnaestrada at different gymnastic events and will also be available on DVD, via internet and as written instructions (more information later on). In Dornbirn all gymnasts will meet for joint rehearsals in the beginning of the World Gymnaestrada week.

Participants described their experience like that:
(Source: Prof. Dr. Angela Wichmann, Participating in the World Gymnaestrada – An expression and experience of a supra-national community, 2015)

"It fulfils my old gymnast’s heart with pride that we are now doing truly international gymnastics. I would have never dared to even dream about that."

"We speak different languages, we live in different places, we have different cultures, but we are all united by gymnastics and through the dance and the gymnastics we are all speaking the same language. So, it kind of takes down a lot of barriers."

World Team Helsinki 2015

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