Welcome to the World Gymnaestrada 2019!

Unser offizieller Videotrailer!

Our official video trailer!

We have published a new, official video trailer –
watch it on our youtube channel!

German Gymnastics Festival in Berlin

German Gymnastics Festival in Berlin

The International German Gymnastics Festival is one of the biggest Gymnastic Events worldwide and takes place from 3th-10th June in Berlin. We are there, representing the World Gymnaestrada with a promoting stand.

1. Information-Meeting

1. Information-Meeting

Look at this motivated group! 60 participants from 42 countries and about 50 persons from the LOC are getting ready for the World Gymnaestrada 2019!

1st Information Meeting: May 18-21

1st Information Meeting: May 18-21

About 60 persons from 42 nations will join the 1st Information Meeting, May 18-21 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg. Our Motto is living: Come togehter. Show your colours!

1. Außenbühnen-Sitzung in Wolfurt

Meeting City Performances

Meeting with all responsible persons for the city performances from: Bregenz, Höchst, Lustenau, Wolfurt, Hohenems, Götzis, Rankweil, Feldkirch